Energy Solutions

How Does It Work?

Energy Solutions is a product of 30 years of unique research into human energy systems and the relationships between the energies in the human body and those of its environment. Integral to this research is the development of the ability to both directly perceive human and environmental energies and to build original theories of human energetic functioning. Some of this theoretical work has been published - e.g. Eliminate Your Allergies, Body Tuning - and much more is on the way.

Three of the many practical applications of this research, known as ERA - Energy Recovery Awareness or "Medicine Energy" - have included:

Energy Solutions
has its roots in the original creative work of Stephen Kane at the Institute for Advanced Health Research in the early '80s. Some of the many breakthroughs made at the Institute for Advanced Health Research include:

The research that started at the Institute for Advanced Health Research has come a long way since the '80s. During this time, people all over the world with chronic symptoms or diseases have been helped to recover - as a direct result of our examining their bodies' energies through photographs and communications by letter, phone or, more recently, via the internet and then identifying the solutions with the highest probability of success in each case.

Using the unique methods pioneered at the Institute for Advanced Health Research, we can connect through an individual's photograph or writing to identify energetic lesions in their energy body that can be sealed by appropriate techniques. This work is far more detailed and precise than traditional means of using a "witness," such as hair or blood, to tune into someone's energy.

The more energetic lesions in your energy body are sealed, the less energy is chronically lost by your body. We have found, time and time again, that effectively sealing the body's energies brings about dramatic improvements. This applies not only to your health but also to other areas of your life such as your relationships, work, learning ability, wealth, creativity and much more besides. And not only improvements. By sealing the body's energies and cultivating new energy, extraordinary changes in one's life are brought about.

The reason we guarantee Energy Solutions is due to the power and accuracy of perceiving energies in this way. We no longer use instruments in our work - which always "muddy" the signal - and we are happy to teach anyone our methods, through our Energy Awareness Empowerment Trainings: the Healing Energy Awareness Training and Opening the Stareye.

This is a message from a 73 year-old client, Katherine, who suffered from asthma:
"I feel so different, something is working; I am much more relaxed and haven't lost my temper today. . . my breathing is so much better & I'm not craving all the wrong foods. I just seem to be someone else. Once again, thanks a million!"  

A few days later:

"I’m so much better: I cannot believe it in this short space of time. Our friends can’t get over how well I look, thanks to you. I have no asthma. What more can anyone ask for other than to say, please keep in touch? Thanks a million."


"I am over the moon! I feel so well and my energy level is fantastic. I don't crave sweet food or any other type of food. I am sleeping so much better, do not get so tired, and there are strange things happening: I seem to see things happening before they happen - whatever I dream seems to come true . . ."

We asked Katherine if we could use her emails to let others know about Energy Solutions. This is what she said:

"You can use my letter with pleasure: if you can help other people as much as you have helped me, GOOD LUCK to everyone. I feel so well - just like I did when I was 20 years old!"

We have never met Katherine nor, until very recently, have we even seen her photograph. All our interactions have been solely via email letters. Of course, we see some Energy Solutions clients in person - but the methods we use are the same in all cases. This is why we never meet many of our clients, who contact us from all parts of the world.